The Rheinschafe

Who we are, how we are

Fascinatingly different.

The about us part

We are grazing in the German communications and media landscape since 2009 and are specialized in providing solutions in the digital areas with a focus on usability and high standards in technology.

Kai Lehmkühler and André Wartmann founded our agency with the catchy name, to make our customers' digital life a little more comfortable and much more beautiful.

The herd has since grown to 30 Rheinschafe - a thank you to our customers and their trust in us!

-> Since January 2021 from our new creative space KS36.

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The Rheinschafe

Who we are, how we are

Fascinatingly different.

Why Rheinschafe?

Admittedly, we are asked this question quite often and there are many myths and legends circulating around this question. The answer, however, is quite simple. In summer 2008, André Wartmann designed the Rheinschaf (Rhine Sheep) as an idea for a mascot of our region.

In the end of 2008, our founders sought for a name for the agency and came to the conclusion that they were Rheinschafe themselves. Raised in Voerde and Duisburg-Homberg, near the Rhine, they quickly decided to give our agency its distinctive name Rheinschafe. And it has remained until today.

And if you should think of the wolf in sheep's clothing, well - we do not mind.

The herd

a wild bunch.

Our Meadows

Grass green and full of sheep.

Where we feel at home. #almost

Our grazing lands

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Free grazing land.

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