Content Management: In 13 languages,
on more than 100 country sites

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High-performance website

based on the multi-site CMS TYPO3

TYPO3 demonstrates its capabilities

Since 2011, we supervise the TYPO3 installation behind With 129 country sites in 13 languages on more than 15.000 subpages by now, we present the innovative products and reliable services of our customer. Entire page trees and content for new country sites or categories can be used and reused according to the customer’s ideas, by means of predefined modules based on the model of a construction kit.

  • 129 country sites
  • 13 languages
  • More than 15.000 pages
  • More than 50 editors
  • Share Point integration


based on the multi-site CMS TYPO3

Optitemp TT 51 · Optisonic 3400


The multi-site feature of TYPO3 enables our customer’s editors to create and edit Microsites for product innovations and highlights independently.

  • Responsive design
  • Scalable
  • Multi-site

Optimass 6400

Microsite in a one-page design

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That’s how beautiful technology can be

Not only our customer’s measuring instruments leave a lasting optical impression, the microsite does also welcome the visitor with clear visuals, and presents all information relating to the product as a user-friendly one pager. The technical and subtle design invites you to scroll and click. The contents receive a significant framework and an individual presentation.

  • Touch-optimized
  • Responsive design
  • One-page design